Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow Again! :)


 A warm cup of tea on a chilly day...

 The snow from two days before had almost totally melted away when -- it began snowing again!!!

 Our van and snow. Does it qualify as art? ;)

 Trying to drive the R/C car in the drifts!!!

 It "bottomed out" quickly!

 "Come and play in the snow with us!"

 Falling, soft and thicker...

 Indoor projects

 Katelyn came over!

 The ball jars over Ben's rose cuttings!

After a rip-roaring fun snowball fight, the warriors gather for a friendly picture... ;)
Thanks, Deborah, for letting me use this pic from your camera!


 I love looking into woods like this...

And now a fantastic truck picture, courtesy of Andrew! :)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Concert Rescheduled

Sad Announcement --
Due to the inclement/bad weather, tomorrow night's Sherman Symphony concert has been RESCHEDULED for Saturday the 21st of March.
Any updates will be posted on

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One Day - Snow Day!

 This morning -- it started snowing!!!

 It was our first snow of the year, so was extra-fun!

 Snowman in progress

 Andrew's wonderful old truck!

 Katelyn came over to play in the snow -- always fun!

 Rosebush and snow

 Sneaking up to attack, snowball in hand...

 Andrew and I went on a drive to test road conditions -- it was so beautiful out!

 Familiar roads look so different in their white coating...

 It was fun to go along with you, Andrew! 
Unfortunately ;) we didn't find any stuck motorists to pull out or anything... :(

 Some of the few people venturing out...

 While we were gone, Katelyn, Deborah, and Stephen had made this snowman!


 By mid-afternoon, though, the temperature was rising and the sun was out, and everything was melting...

 And (I kid you not) this is what it looked like that same afternoon!!!

 Indoor rose clippings

 Teeny patches of snow survive in the shade spots...

 I love the blue shadows that are made on snow!

Now -- we're in for mud, mud, MUD!