So we have boring february pics..... enjoy (or not, whatever you choose)

 this kid is awesome  Hanging out with Marianne and Timothy. (don't confuse this Marianne with the famous Marianne sometimes featured on the blog)  Cutie pie at a wedding  Annnnnnd..... SHE'S BACK!!! The fabulous Marianne makes an entrance. i was so happy to be hanging out with her i made such a weird face.  went on a fun short trip to SA for the rodeo!!  Cheriza and Elizabeth! they sound kind of similar to me 

 The gang  And Katie got to come!! she made it through even though she was still on one crutch!   weirdo selfie with the fat niece ;) she makes me feel confident about my weight :D  JK JK

January ❄😷

The first week of January was pretty great! I got to hang with the above friends ↑(feat. reaccuring guest celeb, Marianne) over new years and we had an awesome time!! but then we i got sick and other people got sick. To sum it up the rest of January wasn't that awesome 😒 
 Yeah we stayed up late, karaoke'd, ate nutter-butters, ran in the cold, won sketchparty 3 times in a row(it was girls against boys but luckily Derrius is terrible at drawing so he evened out my terrible drawing and we won, his lack of drawing skills made the game hilarious), put blue streaks in our hair, and had an all around great time!  We babysat the kids a lot!   Matching outfits for the kiddos!!
 sick kiddo  Kacy was probably asking me to show her a saun the sheep or paw patrol in this picture

 Shes the best little buddy around  and the cutest  this is the best stuff ever i make hot chocolate and then put whipped cream on top and drizzle chocolate sauce on top (optional) and then freeze till its froz…

December ❄☃⛄🎄🎅

Well well well!!! I'm back and this post is full of dying christmas cheer!!!   We went meandering around on the day of Bens concert and when I go meandering it means i go meandering around trying to find a Starbucks ;)  I cant survive without one of my wingmen, thanks Stephen   Just for kicks  Kacy was scared of santa but not nearly as scared as i was.... JK JK :D
 Yup sorry my entire blog post is made up of selfies and Kacy and Emmaline but thats just the way it is  ICR volunteer appreciation day... not the most exciting party but i have to admit the food was good  i hope blurry pictures are a thing now cause otherwise im screwed 🙈  Stephen was the only wingman available that night.   Marianne is basically a celeb on the blog now Another of my faithful wingmen  EMMMMMMMAAAAA being adorable  Yeah so i was at this party and met this celebrity im a huge fan of I think she stars on karaoke people (a very famous tv show that doesn't exist)  anyhow continuing story she agreed to …