Wednesday, June 27, 2018


YOOOO!!! I'm back for another episode of how dumb can a blog post get!! 
Fun fact... i usually write my captions at night because i tend to be a little crazier then... anything for my fans right? wait do i have any fans??? 
The Malt Shop in Melissa has some seriously legit burgers and also seems to be a favorite place for firefighters cause everytime I've been there like the whole Melissa fire department was there. And yes I've only been there once......
im the best babysitter. (notice the period there... that means its a final statement)

Mom is awesome and always looks super tan when I'll spend hours out in the sun and barely get a shade darker :(   and she aint even got Indian blood in her
my spring goats job is over... which is sad because i miss 7am conversations with my boss and also the paycheck.... (i hate that the computer doesn't have an emoji board, cause I'm always a little worried y'all will think some of my captions are serious but then i remember that i don't really care if I'm misread and if i am y'all can just come complain to me about it) (tbh you can insert emojis on here but its tons of trouble and idk if yall can even see them??? heres one ⇒⇒ 😶) can you see it???

comment down below! 

now i sound like a youtuber..... (*cringe*)
yeah back in the olden days, like a month ago, the pond was nice enough and full enough to actually swim in......good ol' days 
Da moms again! 
G's house for bonfire stuff!!
playing this incredibly wierd game... Hannah and Bethany, do i like this game? 😂😂 (whoa... see what i did there?? i spent a bunch of time and trouble inserting not one, but TWO emojis for you guys to see) 😮     and another one⇐
the things you buy in Costco cause you're just trying to get yourself out of your bad Costco shopping mental state so you basically pick up anything off the shelf......

maybe if i buy those peaches that prob aren't even ripe I'll feel less like strangling the next salesperson that asks me if I'd like to try a sample of wildflower honey cause I really don't want any honey or humus on chips or whatever...

⇑ like so
made it out of Costco... i can smile again     whew...
Emma is a cutie pie
Woah what we doing in a rickety old Chinese buffet in Houston...???
surprising Beth for her birthday duhhh.... you totally saw that one coming
Ben did it so i had to do it too.....
pool stuff 

i look so pale i hope thats only the filter....

Adele cant seem to decide if she likes me or not
maybe a little
and sunny! finally
just chillin by the pool 
this is suchhhh a cringey selfie
late night workouts and then hot tub till they kicked us out 😥 boohooo
Breakfast stuff i love breakfast so much
morning baskets
Ben climbed this and I tried climbing the chainlink fence thing on the far right and ended up cutting my toes.


but i made it to the top so theres that.
went to an incredibly weird church. this is us just chillin in the baby room
i love pools
awwwww Cherizas in my hat she can pull it off way better than me 
we went to the zoo... zoos are so overrated but the kids loved it! 
they basically wanted to crawl back and forth through this tunnel for hours
ever been to the zoo and been completely unimpressed cause you have a childlike personality...

for example...
that lion is completely lame cause it isn't like 50 feet tall its just a big cat... 
elephants really aren't that big guys whats the deal

basically it will take a Brontosaurus at a zoo to get me impressed

nothins big enough to be impressive

that is literally me... and i really don't care. 😂

anyhow you should probably scroll down before you read that blab that was supposed to be funny. but if you're reading this its too late so..... whoops

these were def the coolest things there... i want those horns on my wall pleaseeee
Gege and Tote
carousel stuff
Wendys for lunch and then we went home
average day chillin with my dude
I love you Emma

also look how cute she is in this pic

i mean seriously

how is that kid related to me??
tried the pink drink... should I do a full scale review?? whoops y'all is gettin a full scale review weather you like it or not cause this ain't live so i cant ask you  bahahaha

It's tastes like water and strawberry tea with a little bit of milk... not my fav but then again it wasn't coffee so i shouldn't have expected much from a place thats known for its coffee not its pink drinks
wait, it is kinda known for pink drinks....

oh well     all that said I actually enjoyed it... would i get it again??? nope

just a bunch of blondes in one pic
Yooo Micah's truck is getting legit... now all he needs is bigger tires... 
Da plane in paint stage

Andrew bought a plane FYI

probably everybody already knows that tho..
my relationship with trooper is baisclly

i hate you, i love you...

more like I'm annoyed at you cause you barked at my horse or chewed on my foot, i love you
Deer is dead and we're only missing a blinker

the thing you can learn from this is i have slow reflexes
Ben and Dierks
kids havin fun

Emma getting a bareback ride
more babysitting by the best... but don't hire me to babysit, i babysit very exclusively 
the one and only Nephew

i think we're gonna call him Drake.... just trying to make the nickname stick at this stage

Im sitting here smiling like a dumbie and Emma strikes a pose with a toothbrush...shes stealing my thunder
guys i don't take pictures like this one anymore... i apologize for this one, i really don't like it
and this sucks cause in a few days ill have to post June but whateves i really shouldn't be complaining 

that said: peace out guys