Hmm I seem to be a tiny bit late on this posting thing... lol.... sorry it took me so long this time around but enjoy these pics cause there wont be many August pics ;) We had some friends over for dinner Kacy made a new friend :D
In which Kathryn tries to brush her new friends hair with a toothbrush.... (the reason why I'm calling her "new friend" is totally not because i forgot her name, totally not.) 4th of July supper!! I love being healthy when it comes to eating fruit! (Being healthy is being concerned about quality not quantity, right?😂) v-ball
Waiting for it to get dark enough for fireworks The flatbed truck is a great launching pad

Ladonia rodeo!

grill time!

June 🌞☀

AND I'M BACK!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!! lol JK sry i took so long to post, had a lot of pics to sort through and edit. (editing is the worst 😋) Went to a lake on a cloudy day (don't ask me why we went on a cloudy day) Mom looks like the height of retro fashion (or the low, I'm so not a fan of retro fashion (no offense mom, you always look great) ) Me and Steve attempt some sort of standing water thingy while my hair is completely blocking my vision fail 😂 zoom in its worth it to see Kacy all cute sitting in her old bath chair 😂 Definition of Gourmet: Food that is not meant to taste good just to look weird (i.e. most people think it doesn't look weird/gross but fancy, but that just ain't the truth ) Yay wet people!!! Baby shower time! This game was excruciatingly hard, these were baby pictures from random people at church and you had to guess who they were 😊 Cake by the famous Rachel.a.h The mom-ta-be And in case some of y'all are weird and like reminiscing (unli…