Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crown Braid Glory

Recently, I came across several amazing pictures, which reminded me of a hairstyle I hadn't tried in ages! The crown braid is a simple style, but very elegant!


Here's a view of the back.

For those with shorter hair, here's a variation: divide hair in half, and make two braids, starting each behind the ear. Then pin them across the front from both sides, overlapping.

A more casual crown braid...

This is a totally different look, but beautiful, too!

Very classy

Here, Princess Grace of Monaco has hers in a smaller "circle."

Inspired you? I hope I did! Let me know what you think in the "comments" section. :) Especially in this summer heat, it's lovely to have new ways to style one's hair off one's neck!


  1. What a pretty way to do hair! Distinctly Nordic, I think. The blonde-haired women could almost be Vikings, if they were dressed a little differently, anyway!

    Well, you have a little Viking blood in you way, way back, so perhaps you should carry on the tradition!

    1. I LOVE how you comment so often, Karen -- it's simply smashing to get feedback! :)